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Let's Play Here Musebox;

This musebox was created by me, so I could practice my roleplaying skills with my muses. I've invited most of my friends and acquientices to be members of the musebox and post whenever they please. If you're a lurker and want to participate, then go to the proper places and ask for membership. Non-members are not allowed to post or reply threads. This is a private musebox, after all.

Please follow these simple rules to enjoy your stay.

i. Please do not god mode or power play other people's characters.
ii. This is a peaceful place to roleplay and we do not appreciate any type of wank or trolls bullying the members of this box.
iii. Please use common sense and follow the golden rule.
iv. If you're having problems with another member or lurker, then let belovedlilium know.
v. All roleplay posts will be friend locked, but anything else can be seen by everyone. The musebox is private to avoid offending lurkers, and to avoid limiting the member's freedom.
vi. If anyone wishes to become a member of this musebox, then post at the membership request or JOIN? and follow the instructions there. I will invite you to the musebox if we've talked more than once ICly or OOCly.

I think that's all the rules~